Summer Reading 2021: Tails & Tales

Begins July 1st! For Children Ages 0 – 12

Registration will begin Monday, June 21, 2021

  • We want the children to read for pleasure, so we do not expect a specific number of books to be read.
  • Children will receive prizes for reading no matter the number of books read, as long as they complete the MINUTES read requirement.
  • All formats count: eBooks, audiobooks, chapter books, picture books, nonfiction books, comic books, graphic novels, magazines, etc.
  • Children who have not begun to read yet (tiny tots, preschoolers, early readers, etc.) or that have difficulty reading can still participate by recording the time spent reading along with their parents.
  • There are two ways to log your time: Parents or children can pick up “Tails & Tales” paper logs by registering in person, at the library beginning June 21st or if you prefer the online method, you may register your child through Reader Zone ( or by installing the Reader Zone app on your tablet or smartphone. Join with the code: 13953 – for more instructions please watch the video below titled “Reader Zone App Instructions“.
  • Prizes: Children will receive small tokens throughout the program as they reach milestones in their reading, participate in DIY activities, and visit the library during July. Children can turn in their paper reading logs between the dates of August 1 through August 14, 2021, if the required minutes were completed they will then receive their Reading Certificates, choose a book to keep, and receive their final prize. Those who use Reader Zone will receive email instructions via Reader Zone in regards to prizes.

Reader Zone Instructions and How to Video

Join our summer reading today by doing the following:
  • Download the Reader Zone app for your Apple, Android, or Amazon device.
  • Create your account and add reader(s).
  • Join our program with the code 13953, then select the correct age group for your reader.
  • Keep logging your reading all summer.
  • If you don’t have a mobile device, you can sign up at the Reader Zone website.
Video: Reader Zone App Instructions